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Van den Heuvel Dairy & Food Equipment is specialised in the supply of production lines for the dairy and liquid food processing industry. The company enjoys a world-wide reputation for carrying out the most advanced international projects. All our equipment, from single components to entire production lines, comprises of custom-made expertwork and complies with the latest European directives.

Van den Heuvel Dairy & Food Equipment originates from the family-owned company Van den Heuvel, that has more than 100 years experience in the traditional production of the famous Gouda cheese. The combination of professional expertise, passion for the product and attention for innovation and applied technology has resulted in the present Van den Heuvel Dairy & Food Equipment company. We invite you to visit our company and let yourself be convinced of our expertise, devotion and enthusiasm.

Dairy equipment and components
On stock we offer a wide range of second-hand, re-manufactured and new equipment for entire cheese production lines, for example curd processors, cheese presses, cheese moulds, brine-maturing installations, separators, and bactofuges. Next to it we have a large selection of process- and storage tanks, pumps, milk filters, pasteurisation units, homogenisers, yoghurt-, kefir-, curds, butter, smetana and cream installations. We often built the several components together on a skid. So the complete unit can be placed in your factory.

In addition to overhauling and building equipment and machines, we provide the entire process, from engineering to service. You can also contact us for larger projects such as expanding your factory or farm. Examples of similar projects can be found beneath the tab ''projects''. 

Feel free to contact us for more information!