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Pierre Guerin EXT-MEC
Content: 12000 liters
Stocknumber: 3418
  • Closed Stainless steel draining vat
  • Including pressing plate
  • Draining bed inside Width : 1700 x 8100 mm
  • Year of construction ca. 1981
  • Outside dimensions appr. (w x l): 2700 x 1050 mm x 3250
  • The bottom of the draining vat is transportable and made of special plastic. The bottom is transported by a driving.
  • The longitudinal cutting is a removable rigid knife
  • The cross-cutting automatically by a Moving up and down cross knife
  • The pieces of cheese are transported automatically to the form filling
  • Dimensions of the pieces: 170 x 170 x 170 mm, 10 pieces 
  • The whey is drained throug 
  • The vat is CIP cleanable
  • The vat is complete with controlling for pre-press pressure, moving the filling car and transporting the bottom.
  • On both sides a bordess is mounted for easy working 
  • A cheese making apparatus comprises a rectangular vat, a pressing plate, a filtering sheet supported on the bottom wall of the vat for displacement in a longitudinal direction, and a transverse partition affixed to an end of the filter sheet adjacent a fixed end wall of the vat for simultaneous displacement with the filtering sheet in this direction. The partition defines with the side walls, the bottom wall and a mobile end wall opposite the fixed end wall an operating volume of the vat determining the amount of curds to be held in the vat for producing cheese from a pressed mass of the curds wherefrom the whey has been drained. Displacement of the partition changes the operating volume and the transverse partition is elastically compressible in a vertical direction whereby lowering of the pressing plate into the vat compresses the partition and permits the plate to apply pressure to the curds held in the vat.